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The Team Tiger Awesome Show

Oct 8, 2017

This week, Nick went back to school shopping and ponders... where did all the husky sections for big boy clothes go? A lot. And I'm not filibustering, a lot of talk about that hyper relevant sequel to Garth Brooks- Chris Gaines and his blood thirsty hobby or casually eating teenage girls. But otherwise it's all prequels! We're trying to call 'em before Hollywood can make 'em which is why we don't have time to write out 'them.'

Predator Handshake: Origins! Ghostbusters: The College Years! The Truman Show: Year 0! Too far too Fast: The wrath of the Demolition Man! And many more.

Also can we get a ruling on how many times Nick has tried to secretly pitch the Karate Kid?

I want my #blorpgrumblebeez!