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The Team Tiger Awesome Show

Apr 29, 2018

No Spoilers here but it's all been building to this and we don't mean Thanos. The Avengers will take on all comers because we're taking these fighting men and punching ladies to the Erotica corner. They'll face off against suggestions from you the listening public. It's an episode so gigantic we even brought in a...

Apr 22, 2018

Tittens, welcome to the future. A future where a sophisticated AI of our own design took every one of our previous episode titles and descriptions and spit out new episodes for us to discuss and debate. So if you ever wanted us to do an episode on "Looking Back At The Hands of Mathew Broderick" or "Is Who's The Boss...

Apr 15, 2018

All the hottest takes and coldest slams and luke warmest responses to haircuts! 

Nick (the WWE superfan) Clint (the casual fan/tourist/poser) and Truly (who refuses to watch wrestling unless forced) review all the action from WrestleMania weekend. Topics include... how much wrestling is too much wrestling, why shorter...

Apr 8, 2018

It's back! The show that threatens to reunite nerds by solving the biggest debates threatening to tear brother from brother from sister.
With Lon Harris joining us we dive into the hot spots of fan rage, brushing aside our feelings to put these agonizing questions about
DC, Star Wars, Alien, Rambo and Lord of the Rings...

Create-a-Superhero w/ Danielle Radford

Apr 1, 2018

Ditch your zeroes and get with our made-up heroes!

Danielle Radford stops by The Team Tiger Awesome Show to Create a brand new superhero from scratch! Yep, a brand new one and not one that she created in a Mead Notebook when she was 11. We cover all the hot trends in masked vigilantism, like how sensible are their...