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The Team Tiger Awesome Show

Oct 24, 2019

**TRULY FROM 2019**  A LONG LOST EPISODE lost to the annals of time. Plucked from the past and placed back into the feed in 2019. Who knows what the original description was? But it set up every single tournament to come for the next three years. 

Also Truly doesn't like Friends and this is a take that has...

Oct 24, 2019

**TRULY FROM 2019** A LONG LOST EPISODE reintroduced to the feed three years later. I'm not even sure what it's about as it's only titled episode one - Olympics.

Oh sure I could go back and listen but this is the very first episode from three years ago so I'm sure the audio quality would make my ears bleed. Let's see if...

Oct 13, 2019

Wow. Here it is. I'm talking of course about 'The 2ournament of 2ournaments' with previous winners facing off against a competitive bracket of favorites and competitors you hated.

But mostly this is goodbye with an episode stuffed full of nostalgia, reflection, the times Poddad yelled at us, and your favorite moments...

Oct 6, 2019

We sit down to make the fall erotique with some of your suggestions. No spoilers here! Just a clear concise warning to TAKE YOUR PHONE OFF SPEAKER and don't play it out loud in your office because it's about to get wet. 

Contained herein there be eargasms:

  • The dramatic finale to magnum opus 'TIME WAR'
  • The sultry sounds...