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The Team Tiger Awesome Show

Itsa me, Jobless Super Mario! / Who can fill Star Wars' Hole?

Sep 9, 2017

Special Guest References: John Cena, Sexual Porgs, Golden Corral, Shazam, & Stanley Tucci!

We missed a couple openers with all of our guests over the past couple weeks so in honor of Nick's 103 degree fever. It's the Fuckaround Jamboree! Look to our Mainstage for such topics as:
Furries in the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario's plumbing pink slip
Why get fast when you can get slow?
#ShazamToTheTooch or quantum leap into Bill Murray to achieve inbox zero
Nick's rising fever affects his love of Star Wars and he plots a scheme to kill it.
Golden Corral through the Lens of Star Wars
This week's game: Guess Nicks rising fever temperature at any given time. Win a one-time use disposable Porg! Simply turn it inside out and throw it away when you've finished.