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The Team Tiger Awesome Show

Dec 31, 2017

Buckle your safety belts, Tittens because it's a new year and it's time for a flavor burst of TTA's Bold & Salty Predictions for 2018!

All of the most important questions for 2018 will be predicted and answered right here:
Who's the next celebrity to fall from grace?
When is all that dirt on Betty White going to come out?
What sport will transition into a running man style death match?
Does Robert Davi smoke out of a neck hole?
What will be 2018's most shocking moment and does it involve Boston Market?
Who will be 2018's biggest hero and can it be Cap'n Sully again?
Who's penis are we most likely to see way too much of in 2018 and kinda be okay with?

Now with more:
Arnold Schwarzenegger doing commentary on Wes Anderson movie.
Nick gets surprised by someone who DIDN'T die.
Resolutions for Cowards.
The TTA News heats up covering an intense merger.