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The Team Tiger Awesome Show

Jul 7, 2019

Get Trunt with this re-air of our very first erotica episode: Episode 31! Which had fallen out of our feed and had not been available for a year or more.

Not only were all of our wives gone during this episode which was sad for us and frankly bad for our health but Nick paid full price for Rush Hour 2! We were so different then. But my punching bag never did get those final four screws. Maybe we're not so different.

But nobody cares about my reminiscing... not with these frankly loin tickling pairings:  

  • Young Logan, Kitt from Knight Rider on the HMS Sea Venture
  • Snuffalupagus, ED-209, on Alcatraz
  • Dr. Global Jones, T-800, in Uncle's Basement.


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