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The Team Tiger Awesome Show

Jun 17, 2017

We dig into cinematic History to find the absolute best bands of all time: Eddie and The Cruisers! Sex Bob-omb! Sing Street! The Modal Nodes! Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem! Crucial Taunt! Spinal Tap! Wyld Stallyns! Marvin Berry & The Starlighters! Exclamation Point and The Exclamation Points!!!

All your favorites are here but like Highlanders there can be only one Best Movie-Band of All Time!

Also this week: Disneyland apocalyptic hellscape or a place for lovers? Why did Nick go to Muppet Babies on ice?
Did lady muppets give you your first boners? Are homegrown geese the next terrorists to be worried about?

Also you get a week off from hashtagging, so rest those fingys. #ThisWeekYouDon'tDoTheWork