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The Team Tiger Awesome Show

Apr 29, 2017

The boss is back in the TTAHole and we're on our best behavior even while Jericho insists on ranking us. Who will create the best band? The Stakes are high and winner take all! Will it be:
-Clint with his good-time 70's feel goodery and secret murder mystery?
-Mundy with his assembled asexual new-pop gender-free Orlando group?
-Jericho- with his high-barrier to entry but artistically pure East German sound assemblers?
-Or Truly with his island life-style trombone Caribbean ska ensemble?

Bonus Tracks:
We get all the terrible band names Jericho has played under in the past before ending up in hard rocking Fozzy and we try to answer did Mr. Blues Traveler actually play the Harmonica or was it just a fatty wheeze?

New Genres of Music to find at your abandoned Sam Goody that's now inhabited by rats and ghosts:
-Camaro/Lake Rock
-Straight Orlando Soul
-Island Ska
-East German Techno-metal

We choose it- da -- music! And we also choose it- da for a free month of awesome dog treats!

And don't forget if you draw some awesome album art of any of these bands and send it to @TTAWESOME and @IAMJericho he'll retweet it and it'll be seen by thousands. And then you'll be as famous as Quince and Klugman but with less money thrown at you. #EggNipples