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The Team Tiger Awesome Show

Jun 17, 2018

And we're back!!!! Yes, thanks to all you Tittens and your #GetWellBitches, Clint isn't dead anymore and we're back together making podcast gold! *guitar solo* Technically... Clint's out of town and we had to record him remotely, but we're kinda back!!! And this week we're pitching 6 movie prequels that Hollywood should never make no matter how desperate they get! Do you want a drug-fueled romp around the world about Doc Brown making weapons for terrorists? Or how about an Oliver Stone-directed conspiracy theory prequel that takes place before E.T? Or a movie about how they got all those snakes on the plane? Of course, you don't! But I bet you want to listen to us yap about them!

Also, Mundy got a litter box that has an app and it's a whole thing.

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