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The Team Tiger Awesome Show

Dec 31, 2017

Buckle your safety belts, Tittens because it's a new year and it's time for a flavor burst of TTA's Bold & Salty Predictions for 2018!

All of the most important questions for 2018 will be predicted and answered right here:
Who's the next celebrity to fall from grace?
When is all that dirt on Betty White going to come...

Dec 24, 2017

And a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you Tittens!

This week we discuss the proper way to dispose of a Chuck E. Cheese mascot head. Nick's sudden sleeping sickness. And then we dive into the plot of R'as Al Ghul to overthrow society by ruining Chuck E. Cheese.

But more importantly Christmas is about...

Dec 17, 2017

*Whispers in your ear*

Put on your silk robes, light a fire in the fireplace and pour your favorite libation. It's time to get erotic with some of your favorite Christmas characters of all time in some handcrafted, artisanal TTA Erotica. All your favorites are here and they're doing it: Ernest, Frosty the Snowman,...

Dec 10, 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is just days away and naturally we wanted to breakdown that galaxy far, far away and determine who the sexiest Star Wars Characters is. Can half-machine weirdo Saw Gerrara upset Han Solo? The Emperor and Leia Organa go head-to-head to find out who is the sexiest business (wo)man in the...

Dec 3, 2017

Tittens! Are you tired of Frosty and Rudolph and every other boring Christmas Icon of the past? Well, good news! On today's episode, we're creating a brand new Christmas Icon and Scott Gairdner (Moonbeam City, Podcast: The Ride) is helping us do it! This episode goes off the rails pretty fast so strap in fast while...