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The Team Tiger Awesome Show

The Star Wars Spin-Off Spectacular with Matt Wyatt / Hurricane Harvey

Sep 2, 2017

One of our favorite podcast hosts, Matt Wyatt of the This Is Not It show, joins us to discuss the upcoming Star Wars spin-offs that are going to get forced fed to us like some cruel Willy Wonka-esque prank, whether we want it or not. Then we pitch our REALLY GOOD ideas for the Star Wars spin-offs that they're probably going to use because were really smart!

And as many of you know, Clint and Mundy are from Houston and all three of the TTA Boyz are from Texas so they spend the first few minutes of the show as #SeriousBoyz and ask for donations for their beloved city. Tittens, please donate what you can and please spread the word for donations. We love you all.

Here are the links for donations:

Houston Food Bank -

Texas Diaper Bank -

Catholic Charities Houston -