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The Team Tiger Awesome Show

Dec 23, 2018

But not, like, a BAD clip show. It's a Patreon clip show! And even then it's only because of the babies! Damn your eyes, there are babies everywhere!

Two thirds of Team Tiger Awesome have welcomed newborn Titten cubs in the last 10 days. In addition to being totes cute, these kids have thrown a real monkey wrench into the well oiled machinery of our podcast schedule. So this week, we're leaning on a tried and true trope lazy writers call "a clip show."

We're dipping into our Patreon, sneaking our greedy little hands behind the paywall, and including some of the segments, bits and what-have-you's we've been doing over there. For a 3 dollar donation at, you'll get great and silly things like the smorgasbord you're hearing now, plus watchalongs and an extra Tittenbits worth of show every week.

But for now, enjoy the following tomfoolery!

- Truly's Dinosaurin' Episode 1, an episode by episode commentary of ABC Family's hit "Dinosaurs"

- WCW Mundy Nitro, where Nick and special guest Mike Carlson quickly cede the floor to HHH and JR

- Bottom's Up with a Rear Admiral, where Clint reads a proctologists memoir published in 1969

- And don't forget the Scroll of Heroes! 

- And some other things!