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The Team Tiger Awesome Show

Oct 13, 2019

Wow. Here it is. I'm talking of course about 'The 2ournament of 2ournaments' with previous winners facing off against a competitive bracket of favorites and competitors you hated.

But mostly this is goodbye with an episode stuffed full of nostalgia, reflection, the times Poddad yelled at us, and your favorite moments from the show over the years. It includes:

  • a special guest message,
  • clips we forgot about but you didn't.
  • And some very kind words from you the tittens.
  • ALSO we finished the scroll of heroes (it's 18 minutes!) because y'all helped make this show happen with your love and support over the years. 

Join us on twitter @ttawesome and if you need a support group come join the rest of the TTA family on discord. Hit Truly up on twitter for the link. Now here's some time codes in case you're really just here for the bracket.  

  • 1st Round: 0:00 - 36:00
  • Scroll of Heroes: 36:00 - 52:47
  • Semi Finals: 53:20 - 1:04:00
  • Titten Favorite Clips: 1:04:00 - 1:19:00
  • Finals: 1:19:10 - 1:29:00
  • Cheese/Schmaltz/ Egostroking and a very special guest message: 1:29:00  - 1:46:00

Goodbye, Tittens! It's been a goshdurn pleasure. *spits and tries not to cry*