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The Team Tiger Awesome Show

Jan 27, 2019

Tittens, we’re not going to lie to you. The boys are exhausted. Team Tiger Awesome has just wrapped production on Project Island and are currently sleeping it off. And though the boys may be back in town, and some would say let’s hear it for these very same boys, still others claim they will change from boyz to men at some point. Either way, it’s January and we’re talking about Boys of Summer here, so we’re re-airing one of our all-time favorites.

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Originally aired in April of 2017, here’s our podcast boss making up some legit great sounding bands.

Clint's got some good-time 70's feel goodery and secret murder mystery. Mundy assembles an asexual new-pop gender-free Orlando group. Jericho brings an artistically pure East German sound that the listener really has to earn. And Truly let's his island lifestyle envy show with a Caribbean ska ensemble.

Plus Bonus Tracks:
We get all the terrible band names Jericho has played under in the past before ending up in hard rocking Fozzy and we try to answer did Mr. Blues Traveler actually play the Harmonica or was it just a fatty wheeze?

Plus New Genres of Music to find at your abandoned Sam Goody that's now inhabited by rats and ghosts:
-Camaro/Lake Rock
-Straight Orlando Soul
-Island Ska
-East German Techno-metal