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The Team Tiger Awesome Show

Dec 24, 2017

And a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you Tittens!

This week we discuss the proper way to dispose of a Chuck E. Cheese mascot head. Nick's sudden sleeping sickness. And then we dive into the plot of R'as Al Ghul to overthrow society by ruining Chuck E. Cheese.

But more importantly Christmas is about presents! Presents for you. Presents for me. Santa bringing presents. Buying presents And of course us gift suggestions for some of our most important pop culture icons like: Idris Elba, Santa, R'as Al Ghul and Nikola Tesla.

Also exactly one “interesting” 30 Seconds to Mars fact. And no more we promise.

Questions for Extra Credit:

Does Silk collect smells?

Did Batman's parents own a Chuck E. Cheese?

Did Nick have a fashion season that was all based around Turtle for Entourage?

What's a spooky bathtub?