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The Team Tiger Awesome Show

Jun 30, 2019

Happy Birthday America! We got you a gift. It's some Erotica!
Put on your silk robes, pour yourself some brandy and settle in for America's birthday flavored slash-fiction.

The fireworks won't only burst in the sky but also explode in your loins when your ears get feast on this fresh dose of 'sexy'. And it's all because of the totally hilarious erotica we wrote on the fly from the answers you gave to our prompts:

  • An American Historical Figure,
  • Someone who fought for something,
  • and a place you'd hate to be wet.

It also means it's another it's time for a fresh TimeWar.

And of course don't go listening to this at work.

Your prompts should you choose to accept them are: Benedict Arnold, Garfield the Cat, Inside a cheap painting of a boat at your therapists office.

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Let us know which erotica was your favorite!

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