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The Team Tiger Awesome Show

Aug 11, 2019

While we nurse our episode 150 hangovers we're doing a replay of our favorite episode- episode 52 or maybe 55 who can say but it's The Fantasy Draft: Disaster Movies w/ Jon Gabrus! 

We're getting a little bit D&D this week as actor, comedian and RPG enthusiast Jon Gabrus joins us to role play our way through disaster movies. Can Clint survive arm wrestling for the love of his estranged daughter? Can Nick drive a convertible Cadillac into the very heart of the sun? What is Gabrus to do with an abandoned Tequila factory in post-apocalyptic New Mexico? Is Truly the DM (Disaster Master) for this campaign? The answer is YES! But only to that last question, you'll have to listen to find out about all the other stuff. And listen you shall lest the Air Wolves get you!