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The Team Tiger Awesome Show

Apr 19, 2019

This is very frisky business as we take your suggestions and jam out some hilarious erotica along the theme of Avengers EndGame.

You Tittens sent us your favorite marvel character, any sort of leader and a place where four or more people meet and we did the rest. Pairing 'em up, beddin' em down and makin' em smooch. 

From Clint's meet cute between Turner D. Century and Gordon Bombay from the Mighty Ducks to Nick's ongoing saga 'Timewar' featuring fresh from the war, veterans Daredevil and Bon Jovi. Meanwhile Truly has a favorite TTA character exploring his more civic side that'll have you spurting with laughter. It's an episode you'll definitely want to have your ear buds in for as this is very NSFW.

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Let us hear how excited you are for these fantastic couplings!

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