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The Team Tiger Awesome Show

Apr 8, 2018

It's back! The show that threatens to reunite nerds by solving the biggest debates threatening to tear brother from brother from sister.
With Lon Harris joining us we dive into the hot spots of fan rage, brushing aside our feelings to put these agonizing questions about
DC, Star Wars, Alien, Rambo and Lord of the Rings to rest.
Questions like:

What does Batman take to a potluck? And is stew a rich person food?
Is Rambo the best choice to hunt a Chupacabra?
Who's the best narrator to voice over your homemade sex vid? Is it Morgan Freeman?
Who's more likely to engage in casual non-consensual masturbation: C3P0 or R2D2?
If you invented lollypops which would be the best world to exists in? Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones?

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