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The Team Tiger Awesome Show

Sep 17, 2016

Team Tiger Awesome settles their beef with AJ Styles! A lot of beef has been thrown around in these first few episodes, but finally a Beef Buddy has settled the hash! Then, the guys talk about the time in their lives when they'd most like to kick their own asses. Not to be confused with the time they want Sam Beckett to Quantum Leap into to fix some stuff, we're talking about the time they want to literally beat some sense into themselves assuming time travel is a possibility. They also try out some 30 second promo spots to advertise the show on the rest of the Podcast One network. Other topics include Nick's desperate need for things to be a competition, how Monster Truck announcer voice is the same as High End Strip Club announcer voice, The Phantom Menace, frosted tips, funeral sandals, professional laser tag regret and a lot more. Well, maybe not A LOT more, but definitely SOME more. We can't list all of it here, man.