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The Team Tiger Awesome Show

May 20, 2018

It's back and kicking down doors to force some healing down your throat. I'm talking about The Greatest Debates Of All Time- V! 

Here's a quick taste for your yumbuds- 

Who will Disney recast as Han Solo- The Miz or a human baby? What's the best language to swear in- Chewbaccish or IAmGrootlish? What movie is John McCain most likely to grumble about but not actually leave? Who's the funniest Martha mom- Batman or Superman? Is Nightcrawler really the best choice to helm an 80's sex comedy?

You know these questions they're the ones that are tearing you apart from your friends and family. Well we solve them right here so just maybe... this year your Thanksgiving won't be so awkward.

And we start the show with Mundy totally pissed he's not more excited about the release of Solo. Why isn't he waiting in line this time?

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