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The Team Tiger Awesome Show

Feb 5, 2017

Hi Tittens! This week we're worried about the lady next door who's been crushed to death by her Christmas tree but not too worried to check on her. We talk about Boondock Saints more than anyone in this decade should. We come clean about the embarrassing movie posters we hung in our dorm room in college. #PoserPoster

TRULY LOVES THE CROW AND HE'S NOT EMBARRASSED TO PUT IT IN PRINT! The soundtrack to Eyes Wide Shut is impossible to bang to. And then we dig into our big meal - With the kid from room being cast in Shane Black's Predator movie we dig into a steaming helping of our favorite movie children vs the absolute fearsome monsters of all time: Predator vs Jacob Tremblay, Cthulu vs The Goonies, Sharon Stone from Basic instinct vs Jonathon Lipnicki

End of episode quiz:
- True or False was Grandpa Joe a sexual deviant who needed his legs broken?
- How lady predators be all like?
- Are people who dislike Goonies as hated as card carrying NAMBLA members?
- The Goonies 2: Cult de Sac - like so good or naw dog?