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The Team Tiger Awesome Show

Aug 5, 2018

Holy crap! We did it, Tittens. We made it to episode 100!!!! *Lazer Sounds* And to celebrate this epic milestone we decided to do the dumbest thing we could think of- The Tournament of Tournaments. That's right. We took the all the winners of our previous tournaments and pitted them against each other to determine the ultimate winner!!! Of what? We have no idea! But we do know that we have all the matches you've been looking for! Clarence Boddicker vs Lando Calrissian, Turner and Hooch vs Cinnamon Toast Crunch, K.I.T.T. vs Spinal Tap and so many more! Including some surprises and some mistakes! Big ones!

Thank you Tittens for all of your support throughout the years! We love you. Well, Truly likes you. Tbh, that's the best you're gonna get from him.

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