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The Team Tiger Awesome Show

Mar 11, 2018

What if your all time favorite movies got the realistic sequels they were just begging for? Like a taut legal thriller in the world of Jurassic Park? John Mclane being treated for PTSD? Roger Rabbit 's march on Washington and the fallout of Love, Actually. Well that's what we're serving up this episode along with another 'Tales from the Trail' as Truly describes the horrifying thing he saw waving at him while driving his car this week- a singular pair of wet tighty whiteys. So white and wet they weren't even flapping in the breeze.

Also, person who reads the show notes- get ready to go #TittenPrime every week with an even deeper dive into Team Tiger Awesome. Gaffes cut from the main show, additional fuck arounds and extended bits that are too weird for the main show but catnip for the ultimate Tittens who want to laugh. More info to come.

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