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The Team Tiger Awesome Show

Apr 1, 2017

It's a race to the bottom as Clint Nick and Truly (joined by friend of the show and real life stand-up Ron Babcock) try to outdo each other by creating the most broken joke spewer to ever stand in front of a brick wall. Who will take it beyond the bounds of reality? Can you do two shows a night if you self-immolate? Is 'Who's the Boss?' ripe for a cyborg reboot? Which stand-up will die at the hands of Matthew Broderick? And are you down for a Wookie growling contest? It's all here! Lovingly recorded by old Polish grandmas who record the old fashioned way. How hard will Ron try to push his new album, "This Guy" available now on iTunes. Spoiler! The answer is very little, it's like we're doing all the goddamn work over here.

Popular Discussion Topics include:
Braille Yeah!
Mr. T's Gymnastic's Team in the Cardiac Caper
Is age a human construct? And how does that apply to dating?
Vicki from 'Small Wonder?'
Rory Buckwild
Fred White & Blue
Jonassey McIrish
Cy Borg the cyborg
And can prop comedy ever succeed in an audio format? Please discuss.

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